1. What happens if my flight is delayed?

Not to worry. The flights are monitored so the driver will know when you a due to arrive and will be waiting for you in the Arrivals.

2. What do I do if my airline change my flight times?

We should be aware of any changes but please inform info@borovetsexpress.com as soon as possible just in case.

3. Will I be waiting for other passengers from another flights?

Every UK flight in to Sofia has its own vehicle so as soon as all passengers are through baggage collection and passport control from your flight you will be on your way. For Non-UK flights, there could be a wait up to 40 minutes on some occasions (this only applies to our shared service).

4. How long is the transfer time from Sofia to Borovets?

To get from Sofia Airport to Borovets takes approx. 1 hours and 30 mins, this could be longer depending on the traffic in Sofia and road conditions. 

5. How do I contact my driver while I am in Bulgaria?

A transfer voucher will be emailed to you approx. 1 week before departure. On this will be a local emergency telephone number.

6. Is there space for my ski's/snowboard?

Yes, and free of charge! Please indicate in the additional information box on the booking page what you wish to bring. 

7. Do BorovetsExpress offer private transfers?

BorovertsExpress do offer private transfers, please use our 'Quick Book' facility to make your booking online and ensure you enter your correct flight details.

8. Are there any other methods of payment?

Unfortunately, the online booking facility is the only method of payment available. Please note you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to process your booking, most credit/debit cards are accepted.

9. Will BorovetsExpress cancel my booking if it is not profitable?

No. As soon as you make your booking online you will immediately receive a booking confirmation email and your booking is confirmed. Please beware that other transfer companies will cancel your booking upto 4 days before departure if it is not profitable for them!

10. What period does BorovetsExpress Winter Rate operate?

BorovetsExpress is currently operating for this ski season from Mid-December to Mid-April. Transfers outside this period will be treated as Summer transfers (different rates apply).

11. Where do we get dropped off at and picked up from in Borovets?

All transfers are direct to Borovets and we provide transfer drop offs and pick-ups for ALL Hotels or Apartment Complex's within and near Borovets.